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How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

With food prices escalating I’ve noticed that coupon options have been different… let’s say they’ve been ‘thinning out’ and not offering the same robust varieties I’ve seen as in years past. To save money at the grocery store I occasionally go online and print out coupons on my computer at home. At the same time, I’ve […]


How to Keep Credit Card Bills Low

Hey athletes! Credit cards are great tools if you use them responsibly. We’ve all been there, faced with a sizable credit card bill that you need to pay off. Here are a few ways I keep credit card payments low and manageable. But real quick: a big factor in what you owe each month is determined […]


How to Calculate Your Pay After Taxes

Hey athletes! Below I’ll show you how to calculate your take home pay after taxes. We, as athletes, are an ambitious bunch. I’ve seen many current and former athletes work super hard in their career, get promoted, get raises and bonuses, so it’s really important to know what your paycheck looks like during your first […]